Wright County Fair Bans Dunk Tanks After Political In-Fighting

Wright County Fair Bans Dunk Tanks After Political In-Fighting

(KNSI) – Officials have banned dunk tanks at the Wright County Fair after political in-fighting.

The Wright County Fair Board decided to ban the dunk tanks after a dust-up began when a Republican-sponsored booth at the fair had a dunk tank with a person vaguely resembling Minnesota Governor Tim Walz wearing a crown and a flannel shirt with a sign next to the tank saying, “Dunk King Walz.”

County officials say almost immediately there was talk of another dunk tank coming to the fairgrounds with someone in a Donald Trump mask. The fair board felt it was in the best interest of the fair to stop the potential dunk tank war by banning their use.

Fair board president Ward Westphal said the decision to ban dunk tanks had nothing to do with politics but aesthetics and safety. He says the dunk tank was in an area where water overflowing from the tank turned dirt into mud, causing water to spill onto the walking path.

An alternative site was picked near the concession stand exit, but with softballs being thrown at the dunk tank, board members felt the location was still a safety issue.

The fair board decided instead of potentially being surprised by groups bringing in dunk tanks, it would act proactively and ban them from the fair.

The Wright County Fair is from July 20th through the 24th in Howard Lake.


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