Willie Wilson promotes upcoming food, gas giveaways for $2 million

Willie Wilson promotes upcoming food, gas giveaways for $2 million

Mayoral candidate and businessman Willie Wilson has announced the dates for his next giveaways of a total of $2 million in food and gas.

The food giveaway will be on June 29 in partnership with Cermak Fresh Market, and the gas giveaway is scheduled for July 9 and will have 15 gas stations throughout the city and suburbs participating.

The latest gas giveaway, announced during a news conference Tuesday, now marks the fifth one Wilson has held amid rising gas prices across the country. This will also be the second grocery giveaway — the first one on May 25 had a combined 29 Pete’s Fresh Market and Cermak Fresh Market participating locations.

Previous gas giveaways gave people a $2 per gallon discount on gas, but Wilson said this time around, people can come and fill their tanks for free.

“The people need a break from all the high costs,” Wilson said. “If prices keep getting higher, we’re going to continue to help the people as long as it takes.”

In addition to the giveaways, Wilson is also planning on providing another round of aid to senior citizens who cannot come out to get gas or get groceries at the giveaways by reaching out to senior homes throughout the city.

Further details regarding the locations of the giveaways will be announced on his website and on Facebook, he said.

Wilson renewed his calls for Gov. JB Pritzker and Mayor Lori Lightfoot to put a three-month suspension on city and state taxes on gas in Illinois, and also urged Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle to back the suspension proposal.