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What are ‘KAWS’ on TikTok? Hype culture’s favorite sculptures go viral

TikTok users are searching through the app for Kaws as one of hype culture’s favorite pieces of merchandise is finding another life with the platform’s growing audience.

From the freshest fits, TikTok has become a hub where content creators can show off the latest must-have pickups in the clothing world as well as trendy collectibles to own.

This has covered everything from the Pokemon card collecting craze to NFTs, as users show off the latest hot commodities that are huge clout generators with online viewers.

Now the works of artist Brian Donnelly are going viral on TikTok after the sculptures he’s known for started to hit users’ For You Page’ with tips and tricks of how to acquire hype beasts’ favorite figures.

@howardtheduckpart2 They gave it to me….. #bearbrick #kaws #art #theygaveittome @sethrogen1000 ♬ Original sound from lulaherreraaa – Chuy Rdz

What is Kaws on TikTok?

TikTok users are catching wind of the popular Kaws figures on the platform with people sharing posts about their pickups and how they prefer to showcase the iconic toys.

The Kaw figures are easily recognizable by their prominent ‘X’ on the eyes, hands, and the like, while some of the more popular items tend to spoof classic characters like Mickey Mouse, Elmo, and more.

These sculptures tend to have the same somber poses while others can feature bizarre styles like X-ray, deconstructed looks that can fetch a hefty price.

Speaking of, on third-seller markets, some of these figures can easily fetch prices in the thousands for specific renditions.

@therealyojavi the family 💓 #kaws #collectibles #nyc #fyp ♬ First Class – Jack Harlow

This could also contribute to why Kaws have been growing in search results on TikTok, as users find the cheapest ways of getting their hands on the items – even if they’re knowingly purchasing fake ones.

Kaws have been a favorite piece of hype culture’s inventory for years and it looks like its time under the spotlight is just getting started over on TikTok.