Watch Sky Ferreira debut new song ‘Innocent Kind’

After a long absence, Sky Ferreira has made her live comeback, debuting a new track called ‘Innocent Kind’. The American singer-songwriter returned last month with a track called ‘Don’t ‘Forget’, marking her first new music since the release of the ‘Downhill Lullaby’ in 2019.

The former live offering is the latest teaser of her second album ‘Masochism’, which has been spoken about with hushed anticipation for over a decade. The singer recently performed at the NOS Primavera Sound Festival in Porto, Portugal, where she debuted ‘Don’t’ Forget’ and premiered the unreleased ‘Innocent Kind’.

Unfortunately, the concert was plagued with technical difficulties. According to SetlistFerreira commenced the show 20 minutes late and was forced to cut her set short.

Thankfully, she found the time to perform ‘Don’t Forget’ and ‘Innocent Kind’, giving fans a taste of what to expect from Masochism. The singer also made space for a couple of tracks from her 2013 debut album, Night Time, My Time.

The follow-up to Ferreira’s 2013 debut, ‘Night Time, My Time’, was first scheduled for release in 2015. However, it has since been pushed back several times. The album was rescheduled for March 2022, only to be pushed back once again. Ferriera told Vulture that she’s “100 per cent confident” in ‘Masochism’ being released sometime in 2022.

Since 2019, Ferreira has collaborated with Charlie XCX – with whom she performed ‘Cross You Out’ – and shared a previously unreleased cover of David Bowie’s ‘All The Madmen’ in honor of the glam icon’s 76th birthday.

See the performance, below.