UNIVERSE x THE BOYZ Reveal Concept Trailer for New Song ‘Sweet’

THE BOYZ is back as vampires in their new track, “Sweet”!

On June 10, the global fandom platform UNIVERSE released a video trailer for the concept of the new song “Sweet” by the group THE BOYZ through the app and official SNS channel.

(Photo: NCsoft/ Klap)

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In the trailer video released, THE BOYZ freely conducts campaign meetings in an office with kitsch colors. In particular, attention is focused on the passionate appearance of discussing with each other under the theme “Today’s Agenda: Think of Ways to Be More Friendly & Likeable Vampire.”

THE BOYZ then started filming the campaign by dividing their roles in “Happy Vampire Village.” Each member reveals a funky emotional charm in a pleasant colorful energy space with a refreshing visual, raising questions about the full story of the music video to be released.

At the end of the video, the member Juyeon hit a slate to announce the start of filming, drawing attention. The phrase “WE DON’T BITE, WE’RE GOOD” in the slate is raising interest as it heralds an unexpected charm as a lovely vampire through the new song “Sweet.”

“Sweet” is the 21st new song released by Universe and the second song to collaborate with THE BOYZ since “Drink It” released last year. THE BOYZ, which previously showed off its masculinity through its “Sweet” cover image and concept photos, will showcase a wide range of transformations with its concept trailer covering lovely charms.

Universe is planning to convey the sweetest in the world to global fans with a different storytelling by capturing the vampire world view in THE BOYZ’s best-walled visual. Expectations are high for the hot synergy between Universe and the “global trend” group THE BOYZ, which provides special enjoyment with various well-made contents every time.

Meanwhile, Universe Music’s new song “Sweet” will be released on various online music sites at 6 pm on the 17th.

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