Stella Donnelly Shares Graceful New Song 'Flood' | News

Stella Donnelly Shares Graceful New Song ‘Flood’ | News

Australian songwriter Stella Donnelly has shared her new song ‘Flood’.

Out now, it’s the title track of her incoming album, set to be released on August 26th.

Typically wise, ‘Flood’ is self-described as a “sad little adventure”, penned during one of Melbourne’s lengthy lockdowns.

The lilting melody reeks of sunshine and freedom, with Stella attempting to almost will the better days to come.

She says: “This song feels like a sad little adventure. I wrote it in the dark depths of a Melbourne winter lockdown where it had been raining for two weeks. Everyone around me was falling into their own version of depression at different times. Felt like a flood of trauma yet at the same time, we were given an opportunity of time to work through stuff that we’d been distracting ourselves with for so long prior to the pandemic.”

Directed by Donnelly, Nick McKk and Grace Goodwin, the video contrasts the lyric by showcasing a whimsical, occasionally surreal, summer’s day.

“This clip is pure ridiculous play, like going to your grandparents’ house where you and your cousins ​​would get up to the most elaborate film projects”, Donnelly says. “We always ran around the house making home movies that tried to re-enact other films and much like this clip here, they always ended in some sort of minor catastrophe. With this video for ‘Flood’ we have made a very feeble attempt at recreating the legendary OK GO video clip for ‘Here it Goes Again’ and we failed gloriously.”

Tune in now.

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