Skin Scientist Dr. Elsa Jungman And Beauty Brand Face Haus Partner For Personalized Spa Products

Beauty modulator Elsa Jungman and nationwide facial bar and skincare brand Face Haus are revamping the standard facial service with client personalization through data known as The Reset. According to the indie beauty company, this three-part consumer program is based on the at-home skin microbiome analysis by Dr. Elsa Jungman and Face Haus’ estheticians’ beauty treatment experience.

Using various methods of “hands-on holistic techniques” working in tandem with analytical results, the estheticians will create a facial experience unlike any other on the market, said Dr. Jungman.

Launched in 2013, Face Haus says it reinvented the facial experience by providing beauty services by professional estheticians known by clients as “esthies.”).

In 2021, Dr. Jungman launched the first of its kind at-home swab test for the skin, as reported in Happi. The test enables consumers to discover details about the “trillions of organisms” that are their skin microbiome. Once that data is obtained, it is then revealed how to care for the skin with select products.

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with Face Haus to continue to educate consumers on identifying and understanding factors impacting their skin condition and health – whether it be hormonal transitions, lifestyle and mental health, sun exposure, climate, pollution and skin care products, said Dr. Jungman. “This partnership allows us to leverage Face Haus’s expert ‘esthies’ to put into practice our science backed philosophies. Face Haus has built an incredible brand with a ride reach which will continue to make access to skin health available to all.”

The new Face Haus spa treatment for facial care.

A Wellness Quest for Personalization

In addition to repairing and preserving the microbiome, The Reset series includes the Dr. Elsa Jungman Microbiome Skin Test, oil pulling massage, facial cupping, silk cocoon exfoliation and gua-sha lymphatic drainage.

“The Reset facial series is perfect for everyone, especially those who want to nourish their skin microbiome and are experiencing sensitivities or compromised skin due to stress, hormones and harsh products,” added Dr. Jungman.

According to Dr. Jungman, the program is the response to consumer’s growing desires for personalization and a holistic approach to skin health within today’s competitive skincare and facial landscape. Consumers will leave with an at-home test, swab their skin and once analyzed, give back for tailored results.

“The Reset facial series is a first-of its-kind venture to merge Dr. Jungman’s science-backed philosophy with the use of her skin microbiome test kits and its data driven analysis, all aligned with the facial treatment expertise of our Haus esthies,” said Namrata Gupta, Face Haus’ chief operating officer. “This will deliver a targeted progressive treatment program for our guests and internally, for our collective teams to better inform a future pipeline of both product and treatment innovation. In the pursuit for great skin health for all, the Face Haus team understands that skincare is highly nuanced, embedded in biology, in data and ever evolving. Much more to come.”

The Reset is now available at eight Face Haus locations in major markets, including Los Angeles, NYC, Dallas and Houston, for $375 for a series of three treatments. The series comes with a microbiome test kit (a $149 value) at the first visit.