Perfect Corp. teams with Beachwaver for immersive brand experience — Retail Technology Innovation Hub

Perfect Corp. teams with Beachwaver for immersive brand experience — Retail Technology Innovation Hub

Perfect Corp. has partnered with hair care and hair tools brand, Beachwaver, for an interactive augmented reality try-on experience, bringing its newest boho summer Floral Collection to life.

This is available in the YouCam Makeup app.

“We are excited to team up with the hair experts and innovative thinkers at Beachwaver to give fans a sneak peek at their summer Floral Collection and a whole new way to experience it for themselves,” says Perfect Corp. Founder and CEO, Alice Chang.

“This immersive brand experience brings the Boho Beachwaver style to life, creating a unique and engaging way for consumers to connect and discover newness from the brand.”

“Our Beachwaver community is obsessed with the YouCam Makeup app, and we are beyond thrilled to partner with Perfect Corp. to bring our newest collection to life with the virtual headband try-on,” says Sarah Potempa, Founder and CEO at the Beachwaver Co.


Perfect Corp. Also recently partnered with Italian beauty brand Bakel to introduce a new AI Skin Analysis solution to its online customers.

This detects hydration levels and helps consumers to easily identify problematic areas on their skin.

“With great excitement we continue expanding our partnerships with European brands, particularly in Italy – a beauty and fashion Mecca,” says Alice Chang, Perfect Corp. Founder and CEO.

“We are happy to see that our solutions are received enthusiastically by like minded, innovation focused brands in the region. We are absolutely thrilled to collaborate with Bakel, as I believe their innovative 3D technology and our powerful AI Skin Analysis solution are a perfect fit.”

“A real ‘digital app’ capable of evaluating one’s skin condition through a simple selfie, with a specially designed algorithm identifying areas of the face that might need extra care, this is great!” says Raffaella Gregoris, Founder of Bakel.

Our partnership with Perfect Corp. creates a completely new shopping experience for our customers. Their skincare routine will instantly become more effective thanks to the artificial intelligence, which is now an integral component of any shopping journey.”