Morton, the iconic salt brand, is launching an alternative to single-use grinders with their refillable, adjustable multi-use solution.

A more sustainable option is now available from Morton

“Consumers have been asking for more sustainable products, and now thanks to our new refillable design, Morton is able to offer a high quality, convenient to purchase and refillable alternative to single-use grinders.” said Doug Kafer Marketing Director, Morton Salt, Inc. “Given Morton’s commitment to quality and sustainability, we’re proud to add these products to our portfolio.”

In addition to this great trio of new products, Morton is also launching recyclable glass refill bottles of both All-Natural Extra Coarse Sea Salt and Himalayan Pink Salt. These new and improved Morton grinders and refill bottles are now available at most major grocery stores nationwide.

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About Morton SaltInc.

Morton Salt, Inc. is a trusted authority in salt in North America. Our iconic MortonĀ® brand, coupled with the broadest footprint in the industry, has made us a leader since 1848. We produce salt for culinary, water softening, household, road deicing, food processing, chemical, pharmaceutical, and numerous other uses. Headquartered in Chicago, Morton Salt has nearly 2,500 employees committed to safety, quality, and service in the communities in which we operate.

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