Layoffs strike at Atlanta tech firm OneTrust

Unemployment in Georgia is at a historic low, while thriving companies struggle to find workers for thousands of unfilled jobs, according to Mark Butler, the state’s labor commissioner.

Yet there is also an unexpectedly high inflation rate and a campaign by the Federal Reserve to time it by raising interest rates.

OneTrust is not publicly traded, and has primarily raised money through venture investment. In the spring of 2021, the company raised $210 million, according to VentureBeat.com, which tracks venture markets. The company’s most recent round of financing was $6.4 million, raised in October, according to Yahoo Finance.

The announcement did not include details on the number of jobs to be cut in metro Atlanta or the kinds of positions that are being eliminated. A company spokeswoman did not respond to email and phone messages from The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

And while the statement alluded to the changing tastes in capital markets, the company did not provide information about any direct ways in which day-to-day operations might be affected. In a message Friday to employees, CEO Barday acknowledged that the layoffs seem to contradict his recent communications about the firm’s business performance.

“I know this news is surprising, especially as you heard last month that the business is on track with record quarters and increasing customer demand,” he wrote. “There is no sugar-coating it, this reorganization is painful for all of us.”

Laid-off workers will receive severance packages and extended medical coverage, Barday said.