Joji Still Thinks About His Ex On New Song “Glimpse Of Us”

Joji Still Thinks About His Ex On New Song “Glimpse Of Us”

It’s his first release since 2020’s ‘Nectar.’

Joji has finally returned after two years with “Glimpse Of Us,” his first single since dropping the 2020 album Nectar. The piano ballad arrived just a few days after Joji first teased via Instagram that new music was on the way. Alongside the release of “Glimpse Of Us,” which rocketed to No. 1 on the Genius Top Songs chart, Joji announced his Smithereens Tour, which begins in Palo Alto and will include acts opening Dhruv, Rei Brown, and Savage Realm at different dates.

Produced by Connor McDonough, “Glimpse Of Us” finds Joji comparing his current lover to his ex. Even though his new girlfriend is perfect on the surface, he doesn’t feel the same connection. Joji explains just how great his girlfriend is on the opening verse.

She’d take the world off my shoulders
If it was ever hard to move
She’d turn the rain to a rainbow
When I was living in the blue

These qualities haven’t translated into love, though, and that’s left Joji in a tough spot.

Why then, if she’s so perfect
Do I still wish that it was you?

On the chorus, Joji finds himself wishing his girlfriend were someone else. He won’t end things, though—then he might have to admit he hasn’t moved on from his ex.

Said I’m fine and said I moved on
I’m only here passing time in her arms
Hopin’ I’ll find a glimpse of us

There’s a major plot twist on the second verse. Joji’s ex has moved on, and it seems she might actually be happy. Joji hopes that it’s only temporary, though.

Maybe one day, you’ll feel lonely
And in his eyes, you’ll get a glimpse
Maybe you’ll start slippin’ slowly and find me again

“Glimpse Of Us” arrives alongside a music video directed by Dan Streit. The clip features footage of anonymous groups of friends doing things like drinking, racing cars, and setting off fireworks.

You can read all the lyrics to “Glimpse Of Us” on Genius now.