“I hit his ho* then I locked her out I’m David Stern now”: Miles Bridges aka DTB MB is NBA’s new rap king, say bye-bye to Damian Lillard and Shaquille O’Neal

“I hit his ho* then I locked her out, I’m David Stern now”: Miles Bridges aka RTB MB is NBA’s new rap king, say bye-bye to Damian Lillard and Shaquille O’Neal

Miles Bridges already might have overtaken Shaquille O’Neal and Damian Lillard as NBA’s best rap artists of all time.

There was probably just Shaquille O’Neal, who was superb at rapping in the NBA previously. Now, there are at least 8 to 10 players who might not spit words like the Big Diesel in that old school beat, but they also do have some great flow.

Damian Lillard might be on top of that list for most. But want to meet half of those rappers at once? Then you must pay a visit to Michael Jordan’s NBA team Charlotte Hornets’ locker room.

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Be it Miles Bridges, Terry Rozier, LaMelo Ball, or Mason Plumlee, all of their tracks are good enough to be played in your car and rock with it any time of the day.

But Bridges in that lot outshines everyone. He might even or arguably already have eclipsed both Lillard and Shaq for the NBA’s best rapper of all time.

Miles Bridges released a rap song by the name ‘Gorgeous’, which has a wild David Stern mention in it

The 6’7 forward of the Charlotte Hornets had his breakthrough year in the 2021-22 season on the court. Off it, though, he has been fantastic all along. The man comes from Flint, Michigan, one of the hottest rap cities in the States.

In 2020, he first appeared in a duo album “Steph McGrady”, and straight-up looked like a professional rapper. He had some crazy lyrics in his debut.

“I ain’t throwing ones in the strip (club). I got Cash App”

“I just popped a bean in the club, and I can’t move”

And the best of them was,

“I got shooters in the D like I’m Dwane Casey”

Taking the stage name RTB MB, he dropped his first album ‘Up the Score’ later that year and was an instant hit with his Detroit style. His second album ‘Halftime’ dropped last year in September.

And earlier this year, he came up with ‘Gorgeous’, in which he called himself David Stern in a line that would have him banned from the league much longer than Ron Artest if the former NBA commissioner was alive.

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