GSK unveils its brand identity as it demerges from Haleon

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) has unveiled its new brand identity, alongside updated aims and strategy, as the company moves to separate from its consumer healthcare business, Haleon, which is expected to be finalized in July 2022.

GSK’s new brand image has retained its familiar vivid orange color but has been modernized as an eye-catching logo. The company’s website states the reimagined brand is driven by the need “to reflect our new purpose and growth ambitions [which] combine science, technology and talent, while retaining key elements of our heritage”.

The site also stated the “DNA twists” in the logo “take inspiration from the visual language of biosciences, genomic sequencing and data analysis, but… still feel warm and human.”

“We’ve been really thoughtful about this and it’s about way more than a logo. We’ve really tried to bring to life the connection between science, technology and talent,” commented Sally Jackson, GSK’s senior VP, global communications and CEO office.

The company also added that it intends to roll out its new image “across our product packaging, physical locations and digital presence in the coming months”.

On the surface, the logo is the most obvious change for GSK but the 300-year-old company has undergone a huge shift in terms of its offering as it removes itself from the consumer healthcare sector.

GSK’s new purpose, according to its website and promotional YouTube video, is “to unite science, technology and talent to get ahead of disease together”. This, alongside its new proposed strategy, has contributed to a sense of all-encompassing change.

Just over three years ago, GSK first announced it would separate the biopharma and consumer divisions of the company. Since then, the company underscored its new sense of purpose and strategy to potential investors and its own staff.

Although GSK’s new branding will not be official until Haleon – the consumer division spinout – begins trading as a stand-alone organization in the summer, biopharma employees have already committed to the proposed changes.