Everything about this outdoor food market

The aroma of hot food hits you first.

Crispy fries bubbling in duck fat. Pork braising, ready to be cradled in corn tortillas. corn tortillas. Cheese melting over tender wagyu beef on a griddle.

You have arrived at the open-air food market Smorgasburg, ready for a feast.

Should you start with meaty churrasco from The Pincho Truck? How about chewy momo dumplings from Fomo Momo? Or crispy Korean rice hot dogs from Oh K-Dog?

You can try it all at this open-air food market at Harborside in Jersey City, just steps away from the Hudson. Its 40-ish vendors attracted crowds all last summer, and in May, it opened for its second season.

The Jersey City version of Smorgasburg — there are others, most notably the original in Williamsburg, Brooklyn (hence the name) — is held in a lot half the size of a square block, rimed with vendors slinging dishes you won’t find at your corner café.