Encanto's Mirabel Actor Reflects On Recording Song While Giving Birth

Encanto’s Mirabel Actor Reflects On Recording Song While Giving Birth

Stephanie Beatriz, who voices Mirabel in Encanto, explains how recording “Waiting on a Miracle” while in labor was actually beneficial.

Stephanie Beatriz, the actress who voices Mirabel in Encantoshares her experience of recording “Waiting on a Miracle” while in labor. Encanto was released in 2021 to much critical acclaim, particularly for its music—written by Lin-Manuel Miranda—characterization, animation, voice acting, emotion, and cultural representation. Jared Bush and Charise Castro Smith co-wrote the screenplay, while Bush and Byron Howard directed the film (Castro Smith also co-directed). Encanto won Best Animated Film at the 94th Annual Academy Awards, as well as being nominated in several other categories.

The movie follows Mirabel Madrigal, played by Beatriz, the only member of a Colombian family without a magical gift. She must figure out why the rest of her family is suddenly losing their magic in order to save them and their magical house. This involves hunting down Bruno, Mirabel’s uncle no one will talk about, played by John Leguizamo. The film also stars María Cecilia Botero, Mauro Castillo, Jessica Darrow, Angie Cepeda, and Carolina Gaitán.


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On the new Disney podcast “Journey to the Magic” (via Koimoi), Beatriz explains how recording “Waiting on a Miracle” while in labor actually helped distract her from the fear of having her first child. While Beatriz has spoken about recording the song while in labor in the past, her new comments explain more about the experience. Read what Beatriz had to say below:

“I was in early labor, but I didn’t tell anyone because the contractions were very far apart. But they were happening. I was also getting checked out all the time. My doctor was all over it – because I’m a little bit older and she was all over the pregnancy making sure I was going in for checks and everything. If anything could have taken me out of the fear of having my first kid it was focusing on this job that I love to do. work so much, I love telling stories and I don’t want that amazing part of myself to be sacrificed when it didn’t need to be. can’t do this or whatever and if I had been having contraction after contraction – I would sure as heck not do it. There were a couple of times, when we were in that booth where I was like I’m just going to look like I’m thinking about this for a while – while I feel my way through what’s happening with my body.

Soon after recording, the Brooklyn Nine-Nine alum gave birth at 40 years old to her first child with husband Brad Hoss. According to Beatriz, she found the process of recording beneficial, and it gave her something else to focus on. Beatriz’s pregnancy during production likely added a new depth to the character that otherwise would have been missing, especially with Encanto‘s theme of transgenerational trauma being so prevalent.

Beatriz’s dedication to the role and determination to perform even while in labor is impressive. Most people would have justifiably canceled the scheduled session, but Beatriz powered through and recorded one of the more powerful songs on the film’s soundtrack. Encanto‘s music was so popular that Disney released a singalong version of the film. While “Waiting on a Miracle” is not as popular as “We Don’t talk about Bruno,” it is still a great musical piece, made all the more magical by the story behind it. Beatriz truly embodies the unique power and strength of Encanto‘s protagonist as she sings through labor to finish the movie.

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Source: Journey to the Magic (via Koimoi)

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