Eminem Is Mind Blown As He Raps The DOC's Lyrics

Eminem Is Mind Blown As He Raps The DOC’s Lyrics

This week, Hip-Hop veteran The DOC has been in New York City promoting his eponymous documentary film, a debut feature from director David Caplan. The 94-minute doc’ is currently screening at the Tribeca Film Festival. The piece covers The DOC’s rise to Rap stardom, his tragic 1989 car accident, his under-reported role in launching Death Row Records, and more. Notably, the Dallas, Texas native brought Tha Dogg Pound, DJ Quik, and Xzibit with him to the Big Apple for some special concerts in conjunction with the film fest.

In a clip from The DOC, Eminem praises Tracy Curry’s lyrical abilities. Marshall Mathers highlights “Mind Blowin’,” the second song on The DOC’s 1989 solo debut, No One Can Do It Better. The video single (and its eventual remix) were produced by Dr. Dre—the same man who helped The DOC stand out from his Fila Fresh Crew—was also the producer responsible for ushering Em’ into the mainstream roughly 10 years later. Both The DOC and Em’ worked together on Dre’s 2001 and more recently, linked for his GT tracks in 2021.

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As Eminem spits the lyrics from the song, he says, “Wait. I need him,” referring to The DOC The elder MC enters the frame to assist Marshall in reciting the lyricism. The two artists have a conversation about one excerpt in particular. The DOC is delighted to see his songwriting and flow celebrated. He kneels and nods along with his friend. “Never a segment is negative, ’cause I’m employin’ what you’ve been missin’is the lyric in question. Learning it correctly further adds to Eminem’s respect.

The 1989 song includes the bars, which Em’ shared: “The DOC is dope I would’ve been down with / Rock but I’d be broke by the punk, I’m openin’ up my trunk / To reveal, death, livin’ it up, my life is like a story / Yellin ‘ it, ’cause nobody else is tellin’ it / Checkin’ it, always gettin’ paid ’cause the rap is sort of a twist / Between what you need and what I mean / What I mean by twist, now you gotta listen / Never a segment in negative / ‘Cause I’m employin’ what you’ve been missin’ / So in total, this is one of the many styles of an artist / Hard it may be, but not my hardest / Just a portion, cup of salty water in the ocean / Rockin’ it was the notion, it seems I needed a potion / So I asked the Dr. DRE could he comply / Lookin’ at me with a grin, he shrugged his head and said ‘Why? / Would you ask me a question / Knowin’ you knew the answer all the time?’

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This November, Eminem will be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame. Last year, he performed a concert to celebrate LL Cool J as he entered the Hall. Last year, Eminem and The DOC worked together on Dr. Dre’s “Gospel.”

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