Collier Community Foundation $300K grant easing Southwest Floridians food insecurities

Collier Community Foundation $300K grant easing Southwest Floridians food insecurities


An organization that helps all kinds of non-profits, The Collier Community Foundation, received a $300K grant helping Southwest Floridian’s food insecurities.

Collier County Foundation works to identify needs in our community. Right now, food insecurity is at the top of the list. It’s why the $300K is being turned into food in one form or another. This grant can really help Southwest Floridians gain a little peace of mind.

Patti Costa, the Center Director Child’s Path in Santa Barbara said, “We have rising gas prices, rising food prices, people without jobs.”

The end of the school day at Child’s Path in Santa Barbara is a lot like going into the treasure chest.

Patti Costa said, “They just run over to the cooler take it home, and I just say take because the cooler is full and sometimes we have a large bucket next to it so that’s a lot of food and so I’m telling them, giving to families take it, take it please.”

The snacks come from the Collier Community Foundation and this month $300K went to tackle food insecurity.

Cindi Withorn, the Collier Community Foundation, Senior Director of Marketing & PR said, “We had a certain donor step up with a fantastic grant, and then his generosity inspired another donor to make a grant when the need, exceeded funds.”

Generous families helping families in need. More than a dozen area non-profits benefitting. Child’s Path Healthy take-home snack program.

Withorn said, “They can eat them at home and their parents don’t have to worry that they can’t provide them the food that they need.”

Costa said, “Tonight, the cooler was empty and we it was watermelon and cheese sticks so they really enjoyed that.”

Hunger and Homeless Coalition and Cancer Alliance are both taking the money they received and turning it into gift cards. This grant was made possible by Ken Melkus and his family. This year, Collier Community Foundation has provided $41M in grants.