Colbie Caillat playing guitar on stage

Colbie Caillat Was Rejected From ‘American Idol’ After Playing Her Hit Song ‘Bubbly’

One of the best promotional tools for up-and-coming new voices has been contests like American Idol and The Voice. Those that get to the final stages have choices and chances individuals who didn’t make it through auditions have. Colbie Caillat and other current stars learned that being rejected by the TV shows doesn’t mean it’s the end for them. Rejection just made them work harder to achieve their success!

Colbie Caillat | Jeff Golden/Getty Images

Colbie Caillat’s Country Music career

With the help of the social media platform, Myspace, Caillat rose to the top of the unsigned country music singer and songwriters. Once she was discovered, Caillat signed with Universal Republic Records and released her very first album “Coco” in July of 2007. Her road to fame was not an easy one as she hit road bumps that led to rejections before her Myspace profile became popular.