Changing mask policies impact airline travelers

Changing mask policies impact airline travelers

WINDSOR LOCKS, Conn. (WFSB) – Many people this week took the time to hit the airways for spring break, and just a few days ago the national mask mandate that covers transportation ended.

Bradley airport has been pretty calm. There were not many delays and, overall, travelers were pretty happy.

“Very smooth trip coming back and pretty smooth going. We had the thunderstorms when we left so a little bit of a delay then but yea very good,” said Larry Haddad

The Haddad family returned on Friday from spending a week in Puerto Rico.

They said they were unaware that masks were no longer required on some airlines like JetBlue, which they flew in on.

“There was a mix of people not wearing and wearing their masks,” said Joanna Haddad. “I personally prefer to wear it just because we are in a tight cabin, but I respect everyone’s decision obviously.”

According to the TSA, over 2 million travelers passed through their checkpoints on Thursday, a million more from this time last year.

Some travelers shared this was one of their first vacations since the start of the pandemic.

“It was huge for us it was a chance to be together again,” said Kevin McHugh. “And take a breath from everything we have been dealing with for the past three years… So, it was very, very needed.”

Some people returning home said it was a nightmare last week, when they left home.

“We missed our flight because we couldn’t even get our bags checked and then they had to reschedule our flight and once we got to our connecting flight, we missed that one,” said Chrissy Young. “There wasn’t enough staffing that there should have been I think.”