Blondie Reacts To The Boys Season 3's Soldier Boy Cover Song

Blondie Reacts To The Boys Season 3’s Soldier Boy Cover Song

Debbie Harry, the lead singer of Blondie, reacts to the tongue-in-cheek rendition of one of the band’s hits by patriotic Supe Soldier Boy on The Boys.

American new wave band Blondie has responded to a video of Soldier Boy from The Boys doing a cover of their song “Rapture.” Soldier Boy is The Boys’ take on Captain America, an unaging, ultra-conservative supersoldier rolled out by Vought in WWII to fight the Nazis, but who disappeared mysteriously after a botched CIA mission in Nicaragua in the 80s. The Supe has a deeper connection to one of The Boys’ own, Mother’s Milk. MM’s father was a lawyer who worked himself to death fighting Vought after Soldier Boy killed members of his family that got in the crossfire as he apprehended a car thief. Now, MM has inherited his father’s sense of obsessive justice.


The opening of season 3 episode 4, “Glorious Five Year Plan,” sees MM flashing back to his childhood and his father angrily watching a clip of Soldier Boy on Solid Gold, a very real musical variety show that aired on television from 1980 to 1988. In the clip, Soldier Boy (played by Jensen Ackles), is performing a stilted rendition of Blondie’s song “Rapture.” It was the first rap song to ever broadcast on MTV and it fittingly has some superhero-adjacent lyrics about a “man from Mars,” as well as some apocalyptic imagery, which feeds right into The Boys’ ethos and could foreshadow what kinds of damage the Supe could inflict in the show’s future. Blondie was formed in 1974 by Debbie Harry and Chris Stein. The band also incorporates elements of disco, funk, rock, and synthwave in their sound and they’re touring still to this day.

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The Boys Twitter account released a full version of the clip not seen in the episode, and it looks to have caught Blondie singer Harry’s eye. Harry responded from the official Blondie account with a succinct, but effusive reaction, which sparked a response from Homelander actor Antony Starr, which in turn led to Harry cheekily responding,”Homelander laser us!Check out her initial tweet below:

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It’s fun to imagine the band who wrote “Heart of Glass” in the 70s watching a hyper-violent show about murdering superheroes today. It’s a reminder that everyone can enjoy a fun narrative, regardless of their celebrity status. Like when Questlove asked to play a dead body on Law & Order: SVU because it was a dream of his or the time that Prince cold emailed the producers of New Girl and requested to be on the show because he was such a fan and he’d gotten so heavily invested in Nick and Jess’ relationship.

One might think that Harry would have known beforehand that The Boys was going to use the song. The show’s creative team got the rights to use it after all, but it’s not always the case that bands are in control of their own musical rights, and how and when it gets used. Harry seems to be not just a good sport about the clip, which lovingly recreates the scuzzy look and now endearingly unhip feel of the show without outright mocking it, but she seems completely excited to see her band’s enduring popularity. Who knows, Harry has some acting credits under her belt, maybe she’ll appear herself in a future episode. Since The Boys has already been renewed for a season 4, and given the show’s irreverent nature, nothing is too wild of a possibility.

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Source: Blondie/Twitter

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