33 Gift Ideas For The Travelers In Your Life This Holiday Season – Forbes Advisor

33 Gift Ideas For The Travelers In Your Life This Holiday Season – Forbes Advisor

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At long last, travel has started back up, albeit with a few hurdles that have changed jet-setting, at least temporarily. Still, the travelers in your life (or perhaps even you) are probably planning, dreaming and maybe even heading back into the world, putting travel gifts back at the top of their wishlists for this holiday season.

As you shop for your favorite traveler, here are a few ideas for gifts they’ll love whether they’re still sticking close to home or if they’ve dove back into exploring new corners of the world. With options starting under $10 and a handful of high-end gifts for someone special in your life, these suggestions will make the journey easier, more comfortable and all-around more enjoyable.

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To Travel With the Comforts of Home

Waka Coffee and Tea

Instant coffee has never tasted so good. Whip up a cup anywhere in the world, even when you’re nowhere near a coffee shop (or if jetlag hits before they open). You can feel good with your purchase, too, since a portion is donated to charity: water.


These portable non-electric slow cookers are great for use at a campsite or taken for a picnic dinner for travelers who love the great outdoors. Simply bring a pot of food to a boil in the morning (such as over a campfire or on an Airbnb stove), place the pot in the Wonderbag and let it continue cooking without a heat source for the rest of the day. Voila: a no-fuss hot dinner.

Aftershokz Headphones

Since bone conduction headphones don’t sit inside your ears, they’re a godsend for travelers who want to listen to their entertainment of choice without missing boarding announcements or other crucial information. When it’s safe to tune out entirely, simply pair the headphones with foam ear plugs: you’ll still hear your music or podcast while blocking external noises.

Iron in a Bottle

For business travelers, an anti-wrinkle spray that actually works is like finding liquid gold. This plant-based “iron in a bottle” smooths clothes out on-the-go and comes in a three ounce spray bottle you can even tuck away in a carry-on bag.

Manduka Superlite Travel Yoga Mat

For travelers who picked up fitness or wellness habits while quarantining, taking a yoga mat on the road can help them keep up with their routine. Manduka’s eKO line includes a mat that folds into a compact shape, giving travelers no excuse to leave it at home.

To Travel More Safely

Pursonic Portable UV Toothbrush Sanitizer

Sanitation has taken the spotlight this year and now you can keep your toothbrush clean and protected during travel, too. This carry-case has built-in ultraviolet light bulbs to kill up to 99.9% of germs and bacteria on your toothbrush and fits nearly all manual toothbrushes or electric heads.


As international travel picks back up, access to safe water is once again a concern. Water-to-Go makes this spectacularly easy through water bottles with built-in filters that remove up to 99.9999% of illness-casing contaminants.

Vaccine Card Protector

This year’s perfect stocking stuffer is a vaccine card holder that’s both stylish and protective. This protector has a plastic window so you don’t even need to remove your CDC vaccine card to show it to airline or immigration officials plus has an optional, removable keychain clip and lanyard to make it easy to carry.

BenjiLock TSA Fingerprint Padlock

For travelers who can never remember combinations and who don’t want to juggle extra keys, there’s a new way to secure your luggage. The BenjiLock unlocks with nothing more than a quick fingerprint (and can store up to five fingerprints to accommodate your whole family). It’s also TSA compliant and a single charge can last up to a full year for ultimate convenience.

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Everyone has more screen time these days, even while traveling: between watching movies on long-haul flights and dialing into Zoom meetings, we’re constantly bombarded with blue light. Ease your eye strain—and look great—with Privé Revaux blue-light filtering glasses. Unlike other brands, these lenses are nearly clear rather than the yellow tinge normally found.

To Transit With Ease

Ella Tote 2.0

Not only is the Ella Tote beautiful, but it’s designed for travelers who hate juggling multiple bags. You’ll find a separate, detachable component built into the bottom of the tote. Carry everything all at once or remove the small, lower bag perfectly sized for lunch to carry separately (or to simply make space for something else).

Edge Lightweight Brilliant Suitcases

The Edge Lightweight Brilliant collection by Zero-Halliburton comes in five suitcase sizes to fit anyone’s needs, all of which have high-end finishes for maximum portability. The polished polycarbonate exterior is not only protective and comes with extra shine that makes the bag easier to find on the baggage carousel.

Yeti Crossroads Backpack

For weekend adventurers, the Yeti Crossroads backpacks are durable, spacious and designed for easy-use. The largest backpack, at 35L, comes in slightly smaller than a standard carry-on but still roomy enough for short trips. The smallest 22L backpack is better suited for days out and about.

PRVKE Camera Bag

Wander more and worry less when you pack your photography gear in the PRVKE camera bag. It’s water-resistant to keep electronics safe plus a camera cube, accessory straps and other extras that will make your gear easily accessible while on the go.

Lucky Tail Dog Travel Bag

Sometimes traveling with the family means bringing your furry kid along and now they can have their very own overnight bag. This easy-carry tote includes insulated, leak-proof food containers, collapsible food and water bowls and a built-in waste bag dispenser, plus extra space for toys and other gear so you never forget something again.

To Travel in Style

54 Thrones Beauty Butter

All travelers appreciate a good moisturizer to refresh the skin after a long flight or a day in the sun. Shea butter blends by 54 Thrones are indulgent, with botanical scents from natural oils. The gift sets make excellent stand-alone presents or split them up to share TSA-compliant sized tubes in everyone’s stocking this year.

Superbloom Makeup Remover Tool

Even the toughest cosmetics come off with ease using just water and the Superbloom makeup remover towel. It’s reusable throughout the trip and cleans up like new if you toss it in the laundry when you get back home. Feel good about the environment and pack lighter knowing that you can skip the one-time use products you’re used to.

Oura Ring

A more stylish alternative to wellness trackers, the Oura ring measures precise details of your health, including body temperature and blood oxygen levels in addition to the heart rate and step counts you may be used to. Extra features, like sleep analysis and access to audio meditations, are also useful for travelers frequently on the road.

Elizabeth & Clarke Clothing

Elizabeth & Clarke makes flattering, affordable workwear for women that happens to be ideal for travel. Using suitcase-friendly fabrics like “unsustainable” modal and vegan silk, their clothes pack well and come with pockets to make heading out for the day easy.

NAUSENI Slippers

These hand-stitched slippers are perfect for both travel and home, thanks to their temperature-regulating properties and easy packability. Since purchases empower female artisans in Nepal, you can feel good about your purchase, too.

Buddha Pants

After more than a year of growing accustomed to comfortable clothes built for lounging, Buddha pants make a great gift for travelers. They’re flowy, soft and breathable with pockets—in fact, these pants fold right into their built-in pockets to create a tiny bag you can carry separately if needed.

Astor + Orion Jewelry

The first thing you’ll notice at Astor + Orion is the unique, meaningful designs. Next, you’ll discover that everything is sustainably and ethically created to ensure all their products are safe for customers, workers and the planet.

Alstead Sneakers

Most travelers walk more on vacation than they do on a standard day at home, making the need for comfortable, supportive shoes an absolute must. Alstead sneakers have both foam and cork to add pep to your step plus come in an assortment of colors and prints so you can find the perfect match. And did we mention they pack in half the space of traditional sneakers?

Wooly Merino Wool

Merino wool is an indispensable addition to any traveler’s closet since it’s moisture-wicking, odor resistant and much softer than traditional wool. It usually costs a pretty penny, but Wooly offers high-quality clothing for men and women at a price you can actually afford.

To Bring Travel Home

Getaway Candles

Help someone “get away” without ever leaving home by sending them a premium wax candle inspired by the scents of popular destinations. With options including Provence (lavender, bergamot and eucalyptus) or Aruba (pineapple, mango and coconut), there’s something for everyone.

Wee Society Adventure Journal

Encourage the next generation of travelers to be more mindful about their next trip with the Go! My Adventure Journal. This colorful travel diary includes conversation starters, stickers and drawing prompts as well as challenges to earn adventure badges along the way.

Frette Linens

Add a little luxury to everyday life by indulging in Frette bed linens, a brand frequently found at five-star hotels. The crisp, cotton percale can trick the brain into thinking you’re on vacation somewhere…at least until the morning alarm goes off.

111 Places That You Must Not Miss

Help a traveler discover somewhere new in a place they love with a guidebook series intended for locals and experienced travelers. Instead of directing tourists to iconic spots in a city, it leads them to hidden attractions, one-of-a-kind shops and restaurants they’ve never heard of before.

Color Map Mug

Break out your inner artist with this color-it-yourself mug. You can color in the places you’ve been as a way to reminisce about favorite memories or use it to plot out your wishlist over your morning coffee. Either way, the traveler on your list is sure to love it.

Leather Notebook Cover

For the traveler who still embraces writing on pen and paper as a way to escape electronics, Galen makes a beautiful handmade leather traveler’s notebook cover that fits standard inserts in a variety of sizes with an option to get a matching passport cover as well.

To Give at the Last Minute

Kindle Unlimited Subscription

A Kindle Unlimited subscription is an ideal gift for the travel planner. Not only does it let you borrow up to ten books at a time for as long as you want, Kindle Unlimited also offers a large selection of travel guides, including most of the Lonely Planet series.

Bokksu Japanese Snacks

Sadly, Japan’s borders remain closed but now you can discover some of their culture through this curated snack box subscription. Each monthly box comes with twenty or more food and beverage items paired with a culture guide magazine explaining the products’ origin and flavors so you can pretend you’re there.

Rosetta Stone

Does the traveler in your life have a dream trip planned? Help them make the most of it by learning the language. Rosetta Stone is the gold standard of language apps and you can instantly deliver a subscription.

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